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Practice Areas

Our law firm advises domestic and foreign clients in matters of German, US-American and International Business Law. The main focus of our practice lies on the following areas:

German Business Law Comprehensive legal advise and representation for domestic and foreign clients in German business matters, especially in the areas of Commercial Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Antitrust Law, and International Trade Regulations.

US Business Law
Expert legal advise and representation in business matters involving US-American Law, including investments, all stages of transactions, from first negotiations to completion, and, if necessary, solution of conflicts with American business partners.

International Business Law
Legal advise and support for international investments and transactions, development and legal management of international business relations, securing international intellectual property rights, and prosecution of and defense against claims in litigation or arbitration abroad.

International Trade & Export Controls
Expert legal advise and support in questions of German, European, and US-American Foreign Trade an Export Control Regulations to prevent violations and, if necessary, mitigate consequences, if violations have occurred.

US Civil Law
Competent advise in questions concerning US-American Civil Law, like Estate Law, Domestic Relations, Immigration, Real Estate Law, Investment Law, and Tax Law, as well as other areas of US Private Law.